About Me!




Hi! I'm Roopak, a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Coach and Motivational Speaker. I am a Leadership Coach / Professional Mentor for undergraduate students of Rutgers University - Braven Accelerator program offered by www.BeBraven.Org.

So how did I get here? It's a long story of my quest for freedom, growth, and joy. You can know in-depth in my book: S.O.A.R - Grow From Within. Unleash Your Limitless Potential. The book is about my awakenings as part of my transformation journey finding my way through severe crisis of chronic depression and anxiety through running. I later developed  a dynamic mindfulness meditation practice, a gateway to inner happiness, health and sustained well-being. and Marathon-For-Life became my alter. 

 My sole purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of people around the world with their health, happiness,  &well-being. I am presently pursuing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program from Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I truly believe in each and everyone in the world has everything that you need to achieve a fulfilling, successful and healthy life living to live their true potential. My goal and mission are to enable people to succeed, flourish and thrive in life.