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Why I choose to write this book: To make a positive impact and a difference in the life of millions and young adults through sharing my learning, experience, knowledge and awakenings while overcoming chronic anxiety and depression in my life’s journey.

What is the book about: Personal Growth, Self-Help, Applied Psychology, Motivation

The predominant theme of book: Self-help

Book summary in one sentence: Become your own coach to stand out, be outstanding, be approachable and be remarkable by growing from within and unleashing your full potential to live the life of your dreams with fulfilled success.


"Written from the heart, this book uses solid, positive psychology tenets and a deceptively simple approach to take the reader on a path to full potential living. Very accessible and packed with wisdom, this book is a unique addition to the personal growth genre."

- Sandy Lewis, PCC, MAPP

Here is one of the reviews:  Don't wait for life to happen to you; instead be the captain of your soul!  

Both paper back and Kindle version is available now on Amazon (US, UK, India): GET MY BOOK

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Please note: By buying this book on personal growth, self-help and applied psychology , you will also be contributing in helping  Tanay Foundation, a non-profit organization to empower and support kids with autism.